Post NAMM Wrap Up

Hey everyone, these past several weeks have been crazy! The post-NAMM biz just kept coming! Always a good thing. Now I'm finally able to get on here and update you all. The NAMM show was great and I couldn't be more excited to have met so many awesome people. It's amazing how much a fresh perspective and a boost of energy can help propel you forward. Anyway, I digress . . . 

I managed to find some good gear and some potential additions to the studio along with a series of plans for collaborations in the future. More to come on those! The coolest thing I found was  a new line of guitar amps from Phil Jones that I find to be just absolutely killer. They weigh almost nothing and just scream. Designed to be predominately clean and then externally effected, they push way more air than their size would suggest. They are still in production at the moment but I will definitely be looking into getting one! 

'The Melting Pot' feat. Jennifer Batten has been released! So far, so good! Thanks so much for all of your support. It really means a lot! Anu Gunn (VH1's Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, Season 1) hosted an online press conference for Jennifer and I on the day of the release (January 22) and it was an absolute success. I couldn't be happier with the result. The outpouring of support across the different social media platforms was awesome and there was some excellent conversation. You can read a full transcription of the press conference HERE. I met some wonderful people thru that release and one of the standouts was Marisa Gates of the Women's International Music Network. She is a big fan of Jennifer's and wanted to chime in on the discussion. After the conference, and upon hearing the song (The Melting Pot), she emailed me asking to host the song on their site. I am absolutely honored and can't thank Marisa and enough for putting it out there. It was an absolute pleasure to have Jennifer on the track with me! She has really paved the way for more women to rock the world. You rock!!!

To back track a little, The Blaze Conspiracy project I produced has been released and is doing well. You can check it out right here on NoiseTrade. To kick off the release, Anu Gunn and I hosted a press conference on facebook with Barry Dunaway (formerly with Yngwie Malmsteen) to take questions and talk about the project and it was a huge success! You can read the full transcription of the press conference on Musician Interviews. Here are the other artists involved with the project: 

Joey Concepcion
Dylan Doherty
Sam Bam Koltun
Ben Christopher
Peter Hodgson (
Scott Dalhover (Dangerous Toys)
Chad Clark (L.A. Session Drummer, feat. Modern Drummer Magazine)

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Definitely more to come in the future! Thanks again to everyone out there for your continued support and attentive ears. It means more than you know! Until next time . . . 



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