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First of all, thanks so much for coming to check out the backstory for Virus Inside! I truly appreciate your time. On the technical side, if any of you have any questions about the production, I am happy to answer them! Please leave your question in the comment section below. However, for this post, I’m going to focus on the meaning behind the song. Now, as much as I would love for this to be all full of fun, this particular song deals with much darker issues present in our world today. I work with a number of different groups/artists in LA, often as a guitarist, music director, and/or producer. Last year (October, I believe), a group I work with played at Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks opening for Rita Wilson. It was a fun night! We had a great time. Mrs. Wilson was great to watch and it was just a fun place to be. We were even slated to perform there again about a month or so later but then the Borderline shooting happened and many people’s lives changed forever. Several folks in that band I work with are well-connected in the Thousand Oaks area and knew people that didn’t make it out. We kept hearing account after account of what took place. This tragic event is what brought about the lyrics for Virus Inside and they are an unfortunate representation of the many events that have happened in our world as of late. Here is the chorus:


Where is the cure? Tell me where?

The virus is deep in a heart of despair

Where is the cure? Tell me where?

For the virus inside.


The virus is a metaphor for the dark side of humanity and it lies deep in a very corrupt, troubled, despair-riddled heart. Make no mistake, this is not meant to take pity on the perpetrators (plural due to the many events that have taken place). No, this is to assign the blame on the very human center of these events. What propels people to commit these atrocities? What brings them to such a dark place that their outlet is the ultimate infliction of pain on others? For God’s sake, what/where is the cure? That is the very question this song asks.


A good friend of mine designed the album cover for the single, based on a design that I pitched to him. He is a graphic designer and has an awesome eye for the graphic novel side of media. The family pictured in the foreground is a seemingly normal family, just like any that you would see anywhere, and that is exactly the point. These atrocities can come from anywhere. Any background, any walk of life. Unfortunately, that’s where the background figures slightly blurred out come into play as they represent the rest of the general populous that is having to protect itself from virtually everyone it seems. Hence the gas masks, protective gear, etc. The red and blue colors at the top represent our men and women in law enforcement and medical services that have the heartbreaking yet important job to go deal with these awful scenarios. While metaphorical on the single cover, this is a sign of the times.


The single is available on most major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and more! Virus Inside features John Lawry (Petra) on keys, and Chad Clark on drums. I truly hope you enjoy the song!





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