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5 Tips to Help You Avoid Inaction

Many talk big, but few walk that talk. Extremely few. I’ve noticed that a tremendous number of people in the music industry greatly enjoy talking about all the stuff they […]

5 Tips to Streamline Band Practice

Save for certain walk-on situations, every band/artist/production has rehearsals in one form or another. I’ve seen rehearsals that are extremely organized and others that are more along the lines of […]

#1 Most BS Statement in the Music Industry

I would argue that virtually anyone that works in the music industry has heard this statement at least once if not numerous times. If you are one of the lucky […]

Metronome: The Musician’s Bane

If a metronome was portrayed as an animal in a National Geographic special, I think it would read something like this: “The elusive metronome is a discrete predatory species and […]

Positivity: Stories from the Road (video)

I figured that I would take a slightly more informal approach to this week’s episode. So, here is a little pontificating on positivity along with a few road stories. Enjoy!

Video: Most Popular Posts Since 2014

Hey everyone, thanks so much for hanging with me this long! You are awesome! As I mention in the video, here the most popular posts since the blog’s start in 2014 […]