1. Breathless

From the recording Breathless

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Written, Produced, and Mixed by Aaron Kusterer
Mastered by John Cuniberti

Aaron Kusterer – Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Victor Brodén – Bass
Natasha Remi – Backing vocals
Chad Clark – Drums

Cover art – Jason Tudor

© 2020 MavTunes (ASCAP), Aaron Kusterer (ASCAP)


She handed me a letter that she’d wrote
A kiss to seal, neat and tight
There’s something bout the quiet smile upon her face
Makes me wonder what’s inside

Words between us always were a little light
Unspoken love, she does subscribe
I found a quiet spot where I could read
Interruptions set aside

(It read)


A thought in a moment slips away
(Breathless, Oh cause you got me)
A good word becomes a failure to say
(Breathless, Oh cause you got me)
thoughts/words on a page will have to do
(Breathless, Oh cause you got me)
I’m out of breath and all because of you


It took me by surprise, I must admit
This thoughtful musing from her soul
Perhaps a simple conversation could suffice
But hers is a different goal



This lesson that she’d have me learn
What is my take away?
A conscious effort to discern
The things she doesn’t say
Those things she doesn’t say / or
But she does
She does she does she does