Official lyric video for "One Shade Away" by Aaron Kusterer.  Available on most major platforms! 

Listen to "One Shade Away" on Spotify here:

Devil and I 
Shot and directed by Anu Gunn
Edited by Van Kassabian 

The song is available for download HERE

Fireflies (Owl City)
Shot by Anu Gunn
Edited by Jennifer Batten

This little indulgent cover of Fireflies actually spawned from a conversation I had with Jennifer back in 2010. We had finished up a rehearsal with the Air Force Band (rehearsing for an upcoming joint show) and she had mentioned loving Owl City and at the time, I hadn't really listened to them too much. Well, at some point in the following 2 years, I gravitated towards Fireflies and pitched the idea of recording a guitar version. She loved the idea and then pitched the music video idea to me. Hence, the video to the right. Enjoy!