"breathless" backstory

First off, I have to say I’m pretty excited to release this tune (and as with any project, possibly a little nervous!). Unlike my other tunes that focus a bit more on specific topics, this tune tells a story and like many stories, also has a backstory and a rather personal one at that. The lyrics are semi spun (to a degree) from various letters I’ve received from my wife. I always look forward to those letters as she tends to open up a bit more in the letters as opposed to conversation. This started shortly after our very first date and has continued on into our marriage. Anyone that knows me well, is aware that I love to converse with people. It’s no secret that I’m fairly extroverted. My wife on the other hand, is fairly quiet and somewhat introverted. We are opposites in that regard and very much a classic case of opposites attracting each other. We certainly do talk, but she prefers to communicate some things in non-verbal ways. Full disclosure: this has taken me a while to understand and I learn new things about how she does this all the time. The song is a slightly dramatized story of her telling me how she communicates and why she is the way she is.   

I truly hope you enjoy the song! Please stay posted for a specific date but it’s looking like later May! 

Musically yours, 


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Natasha Remi

Backing Vocals

Victor Brodén

Bass (Richard Marx, LeAnn rimes, Dokken)

Chad Clark

Drums (Dizzy Reed, Kelly Hansen)